Изключително точна пушка от Epic AIrguns на дълги разстояния. Разполага с много точна полигонална Lothar Walther цев с дължина 300мм. която е без шок. 

Picatinny шината с наклон 30MOA допринася за по-далечни изстрели !

The Epic Airguns Two Tactical Comдpact LW feels great to hold in your hands. It features an AR-style grip with pre-moulded, ergonomic finger grooves. The butt stock is fully-adjustable to find the right shooting posture and to add to the rifle’s stability, which naturally factors into the rifle’s long-range accuracy. The cheek rest is height-adjustable to line up your eye with a rifle scope perfectly and the butt plate is length-adjustable. This means you can easily find the right LOP. There’s a bag rider on the bottom of the buttstock, which can be used to put the Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact LW down with great stability. To do so, you’ll have to use the bag rider in conjunction with a bipod. That bipod can be mounted onto the Arca-Swiss accessory rail on the bottom of the fore-end. This allows you to set the PCP rifle down with great stability, which positively impacts the rifle’s accuracy. The PCP rifle has a total length of 790 mm, but you can use the foldable stock to shorten its length to 550 mm. Doing so will allow you to more easily transport and store the rifle.

This Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact LW is equipped with a PCP cylinder -located right below the Lothar-Walther barrel- that has a fill pressure of 300 bar and a capacity of 90 cc. There’s a pressure gauge at the front of the cylinder, which can be used to gauge the remaining fill pressure. The regulator -located behind the PCP cylinder- has a capacity of 70 cc and it can be externally adjusted. This allows you to use the same amount of pressure to shoot all pellets/slugs, resulting in consistent results. There’s a second pressure gauge embedded in the bottom of the frame, which can be used to gauge the fill pressure in the regulator. Aside from the regulator, you can also externally adjust the hammer spring pre-tension. This grants complete control over the amount of air you let through, allowing it to push the projectile through the barrel as long as possible without an excess of air disturbing the projectile’s balance as it exits the barrel.

This PCP rifle is suited for both lefthanded and righthanded shooters. All parts can be operated from either side of the frame. The side lever is located on the right side of the action out of the box, but you can easily reverse it. This Epic Airguns Two Tactical Compact LW is available in various calibres, each with their own magazine capacity:
• 4.5 mm / .177 - 13 pellets/slugs
• 5.5 mm / .22 - 11 pellets/slugs
• 6.35 mm / .25 - 10 pellets/slugs

Технически характеристики
Мощност (J) 4.5мм - 44,5.5мм - 65, 6.35мм - 85J
Дължина на цевта: 300 мм
Обща дължина: 790мм. /със сгънат приклад - 550мм/
Тегло (без оптика): 3200 гр.
Брой проектили в пълнителя: 4.5mm - 13, 5.5mm - 11, 6.35 - 10 бр.
Работно налягане, bar резервоар/регулатор: 300 бара /регулируемо/

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Въздушна пушка Epic Two Tactical Compact LW

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